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Stain Cleaning Instructions

Coffee: Wash in warm water and soft detergent; then treat the residual stain with solvent.

Ink: Absorb with baby powder, soak area with lemon juice and water and then with alcohol.

Red Wine: Wash in cold water, then soak with lemon juice and water.

White Wine: Wash in clean water and soft detergent

Liqueur: Wash with soft detergent in warm water.

Grease: Treat with solvent

Lipstick: Treat with alcohol

Make up: Wash with solvent, then with shampoo

Chocolate: Wash with delicate detergent and then with solvent

Perfume: Wash with glycerin and alcohol

Sweat: Wash in hot water, mixed with a small quantity of ammonia, white vinegar and then rinse with oxygenated water.

Sauce: Treat first with delicate detergent in warm water and rinse with solvent

Tea: Wash in warm water and delicate detergent. Leave drying between two towels.

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